I’ve officially been a Midwest girl for 9 weeks now, and I am happy to report that I am loving it. St. Louis is so very different from the Houston life I’ve always known. St. Louis is green. And friendly. And authentic. I lived here for a semester in college, back in 2006, and the whole experience seemed so different then. I was young and in school and it seemed like I was so far removed from everything. I was in a place in my life that seemed like another world. I didn’t make a real friend. I wasn’t happy.


In September of this year, I knew I wanted to move back to St. Louis, and while I was still in Texas, I contacted a temp agency to find me a job in the area. It wasn’t two weeks before I started working for a large corporation in Clayton. I was going to a job I liked, with wonderful people and a company that took care of it’s employees.

The city has since become my home, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Last Thursday, I went for a work happy hour at a local bar with some peeps from the office. It was nice to see the more relaxed, funny side of everybody, but I was only there for one drink before that boy and I had to leave for a hockey game eeeee! Blues vs. Avalanche. Great game! Blues won 7-3 and there were soooo many fights – I even picked up a Petrangelo shirt for the next game… Even though he talked me into that one. I wanted Halak cuz duh. Bring it on, hockey.

This weekend, I realized I don’t have any fun friends. It wasn’t a sad moment; more like frustration that I couldn’t find ONE person to go zip lining with me. You know it’s a tough life when you can’t go zipline your face off on a Saturday. Mayyyybeeeee someday. If you know anyone in the St. Louis area, that’s not creepy or serial killerish, lemme know. I also need a good frisbee golf and karaoke buddy. Must know “Jackson” by Johnny Cash And June Carter.

I never know how to end these things, so:

K, over and out .


Last week was Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen! :) My traditional Halloween plans usually include lots of butterfingers, hot cocoa, and a marathon of great holiday movies. (Hocus Pocus has been on this movie list for years.) This year, however, I felt a little sick and before you could say ‘Thackary Binx,’ I fell asleep. It’s a very exciting life I lead.


At work, our team dressed up as license plates for a very intense battle-of-the-departments, and we had a potluck going on in the mail room all day long. Because who needs to work on Halloween, right? We got second place behind the duck dynasty team, but I think the real prize should have gone to the awkward family photo team, riiiiiight? That clarinet kills me.



Bee Tee Dubs, the boy at work from the last post is that one right there – second from the left.

People at work have started friend requesting me on Facebook, which prompted me to spend my Saturday morning at Starbucks sorting through and editing every post I’ve written since 2005! Holy cow. Just letting you know, people say stupid things when they’re 19 years old. Like really. Insecurity, jealousy, and attention-seeking are never qualities that you’ll want documented for all of time. I think maybe it’s those annoying ‘growing up’ and ‘finding yourself’ years that everyone finds themselves in, but dang – I don’t miss it. I’m thankful that Facebook came out at the end of my awkwardness. My poor little sister is 19 right now, and I’m trying to get through to her how much she’s going to regret all of these rants and complaints that she’s putting out there for the world to see. Not sure she’s quite catching the drift yet. I haven’t had the time to edit all of those pictures, but I’m sure that will be a fun project for me next weekend.


This weekend was spent with my grandmother, watching Downton Abbey and drinking tea. The first cold front of the year came through, and we had some nice bonding and talking time – just the two of us. (Btw, OMG the Downton Finale was such a shocker!) Sunday was a nice, sunny day with my Flynns. I love when the boys come over, because I get so many new rubber band bracelets for my collection, and I know I’ll always have the chance to play football. I’m starting to realize just how tomboyish I am. When I was a child, I seriously used to wear flannel shirts, climb trees, and catch crawfish at the bayou. I always thought dolls were creepy, and my game boy was my favorite thing ever. I also loved ‘Hey Dude’ – remember that show on Nickelodeon? It’s about a ranch in Arizona… Anyway, football. The boys are getting old enough to try out for the football team, and we’re spending our weekends practicing tackling. It’s really fun being bigger than they are, because I finally get the chance to take them down! Hah! Growing up, the neighborhood kids were always bigger than me, so I was the little girl that got knocked down a lot. It’s cool to finally be older. Yay growing up!

Ohhhhhh kaaaaaay. Now some updates on the boy. We play this game at work where somebody in the office writes a song lyric and a movie quote on the whiteboard outside my office and we all try to guess what song/movie it’s from. This boy and I have taken it upon ourselves to be the ones updating the board everyday. That’s the extent of this relationship. I’ve never said more than 4 sentences to him (face-to-face), and there’s a lot of fidgeting and fumbling going on during this process. We did spend all day emailing (once), but I’m really not sure how this whole ordeal is going to turn out. This boy is very shy and none of this is really going anywhere.

I don’t know if I’ve ever really thought about the type of man I would end up with. I tend to just picture the person I happen to be dating at the time, and that ends up being the future I see. Whether or not the relationship lasts, depends on how my insight plays out in this foggy future I totally make up in my head.

I’ve dated some good guys and some callous ones. I’ve held on to the men that are so totally wrong for me now, with the hopes that they would become the right type of guy in the future. You know how you can just see it? They’ll grow up to be better men than they know how to be when they’re young. I’m not sure if that’s ever really true or even if shades of it can be true. I think the right guy can always be the right type of guy if he meets that right girl to balance him out. The fundamentals of a person don’t change. They just won’t.

But now that I’ve been single for 6 months, the longest I’ve ever been single in my adult life, I’m starting to picture the right kind of man I’d like to meet.

He’s nice.

That’s really all I’ve come up with. I think there’s a lot to be said about someone with a kind heart and a good soul. I think he’ll be calm, too. I’m not the kind of girl to go for a wild, rebellous one, and I don’t want to be surrounded by so much spontaneity; I’ve got enough of that for the both of us. And he’ll probably have some direction. I’m too fickle to deal with another nonchalant human.

I tend to become whatever he needs me to be. As a gemini, I’m a chameleon; It is both a virtue and a vice, as it is completely unwarrented by my consciousness. Totally by instinct and compulsion, I react to other people’s actions and words and transform into someone totally unlike me. I think it’s a product of being shy and wanting people to like me. Also, I don’t get deep with anyone unless I know they’re really going to take it in. I don’t like being vulnerable with shallow people and those situations end with me putting my guard up.

I don’t want to be so guarded anymore, but how do you change the behavior in you that you don’t even mean to portray? I’m not acting on impulses here – They’re acting on me. They’re not MY impulses. They’re completely foreign.

So, dear future me, please tell me I’ve changed.

I’m not convinced it’s useful at all to picture the guy I’d like to meet, other than it may prove helpful in recognizing him when he comes around. Even so, I’m not sure I would be aware enough to notice. So, I’ve decided not to think about boys at all. It seems to be working so far, and maybe he’ll just fall into my lap.

Such is life.


Thursday was jeans day at work and oh. my. gosh. I don’t think you could find a more excited group of people in this whole world! I wanted to take a picture, but one member of my group wasn’t feeling cooperative, so alas, no evidence of this pure joy across our angel faces. I kept the momentum going throughout the day by treating myself to a chocolate malt. Yesss. Nothing satisfies me more than cold, malty, chocolaty blended treat in a cup. I finish the darn thing in about 8 minutes and then I’m sad, but for those 8 minutes, it’s heaven on earth.


Also, a cute boy at work might have a little crush on me. After 5pm one day, most of the people had left the office and my coworker snuck up to my desk ever-so-sneakily (as messengers must to do evade the spies who may be listening and reporting back to the source), and in that side-glance kind of under-her-breath way, asked me if I had a boyfriend. No. No I do not. The last one was a shit, so I cut him loose and went along in the very single and very interested-in-finding-myself way and all that blah blah stuff people say to give excuses as to why they’re unattached. No, I’m not ashamed of it; I just don’t want to get into it. I haven’t been single for more than, oh I dunno, a month or so, since I was 17! Back in the day, one of my high school best friends called me ‘Miss Independent’ after the Kelly Clarkson song came out; I think it was because I could rock that song like no other, but it also probably fit me more than I realized. I just wasn’t interested in dating. I had enough guy friends around to make any man jealous and overbearing, and was busy having fun and being goofy. Single life is goooood. You don’t worry about what people think and if you’re acting too uptight, or too silly, or too serious. I get in my head too much and I don’t miss that at all. During this time with myself, I’ve learned it’s okay. It’s okay to just be whatever and whoever you are and who cares who you think you are? Now, I just have to remember that when the next guy comes along and gets me all confused again. I know we mustn’t let the boys upset us, but they do. And they do it so well. Anyway, back to this boy. He’s a very snazzy dresser. That’s all I know. I’ll keep ya posted.

Friday was ‘trunk or treat’ at my Flynn’s elementary. The boys dressed as some pretty scary science-experiment-gone-wrong zombies with blood and scars and weird lab coats. They looked great. We spent 15 minutes at home perfecting the zombie walk, and then it was ON! After being left in an isle alone at a grocery store a few years ago, my littlest Flynn has developed some abandonment issues, so I had to hold his little zombie hand the whole night. Talk about creeped out! When you’re holding hands with a growling, bloody beast, your first instinct is to run. It’s okay guys; I managed to power through like a champ!


This weekend was one of those ultimate proud moments where you reminisce about your childhood and it makes you really happy and really nostalgic. My oldest Flynn had his first swim meet! I got to see him do three different strokes and give him some pointers, which made me feel like a big shot, but also just made me feel good to see his little brain working away to process what I’m saying. He’s kind of awesome and I kind of think he’s a super cool boy.

Sunday was my final farewell to my cousin, Megan, who left for Los Angeles this week. Even though it was a celebration, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy about it. It was good to see all of my extended family in one place again, and see how much all of my little cousins have turned into adults. That’s a weird feeling! I managed to capture ONE non-crying moment of the day and spent the rest of the time eating everything in sight and drinking not one, but TWO vodka beverages. I don’t know what was going on, but that vodka tonic tasted delish and the bloody mary was the best I’ve had (other than the ones I make). Good day. Great people.


Tuuuuuuuuuesday. Tuesday officially marked the first weekly Whole Foods Ladies Luncheon, where a few of us head out on a mission to eat salads and gossip. Maybe not gossip; more like girl talk. Nonetheless, it was a good time. They met ‘Whole Foods Ted’ and we have all decided that it’s not meant to be. Darn! He’s not the one for me. Even so, I am thankful to have found some people that I can be ridiculous around and we plan on living it up at least once a week. Hooray!

P.S. After feeling a bit sicky, I drank quite a few Suja Elements Monday and Tuesday and have been cured. That stuff is magical. Flavor-wise, I recommend the Blutrients or the Green Charge, but the Berryoxidant has the best cause. Each flavor has a different movement behind it, which Suja has decided to donate to with some of the profits. I’m all for GMO labeling. So do it. Get you some!

Still can’t believe it’s already week 6! I’m going out to grab my brass ring. (Please get that reference so I don’t sound like a crazy person.) Peace – the gangsta way; not the hippie one. :]



I. am. going. cr@zy. So, it’s Thursday right now and I don’t even know what’s going on over here – must be a full moon in the works or something… those pregnant ladies ARE acting a little bit extra excited…. The point is, we are all very slap happy in the office today. When a customer with the possibly of 4 different names amuses you (is it RoBena, RoVena, RoveRa, or Dory?!), it may be time to call it a day.

Friday is the full moon? Wait… Well, I knew it was coming. Close enough.

I just want you guys to know, Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t all that great, but it’s strange to me that we have a “mr. cool guy” in the office that is dead-set against it because the chicken isn’t ‘quality.’ Dead-set! He’s all like “yeah I love chicken let’s go to lunch” one second and then he’s all “B Dubs Nuh uh! You crazy. That is some chicken that is NOT quality.” Okay, maybe those weren’t his exact words, but it’s close enough that I feel comfortable quoting him for the purpose of this weird story. He does talk like that though – where he pronounces every word and mixes them up to sounds like he’s really empasizing them. It’s weird. So, few of us went to “B Dubs” today and I got the chicken (duh). Boneless. It’s aight. As chicken goes, I prefer Wingstop, but that may be because the ranch is da bomb. Can you dig it? It’s some good stuff. It’s the kind of ranch that makes me stop by and grab some on the way home on a night where I feel like taco salad. (I feel like this is probably the third time I’ve mentioned this ranch…) Taco salad is tops at anytime, but wingstop ranch taco salad cannot be beaten. My mom will make taco salad with chili cheese fritos instead of tortilla chips and that really takes the cake. No really. Go mom! I have to admit, last week the coworkers decided to lunch at BWW and I was a little hesitant. I had only been there one other time for a Michigan football game (I think they were playing Notre Dame, but I’m a girl and I don’t care about college football so you really can’t take my word for it) and I had a hanckering for some potato skins. Now, when I say potato skins, I mean a potato that has been cut in halves (preferrably) or quarters, scooped out a bit, and loaded with butter, cheese, and bacon (and chives). Served with sour cream or ranch. I vote ranch. Always go with ranch. But nooooooo, Buffalo Wild Wings decides to take what was a delicious, regular old french fry and throw some weird seasoning on it and call it potato skins. That’s just wrong! I was deceived and confused and vowed never to return. I mean, who decides to take the best part of the meal, get rid of it, and say ‘hey! These fries look good, but I think we should roll it around in dry, bacon-flavored salt, and serve it up to these unsuspecting patrons’? No, B-Dubs. NO.

This black Friday went particularly well though. What I thought was ‘full-moon-maddness’ had passed and everyone was in a cheerful, silly mood. Don’t you just love cheer and silliness? I chalk this up to the rubber-band ankle bracelet that my little cousin made for me. “Ankle bracelet?” you say. Yes, ankle bracelet. It’s so 1997, and if I can remember correctly, 1997 was a very happy year for me. I’ll take you anytime, 1997.


This weekend was goooood. I spent all day Saturday cleaning my room, napping, and watching The Young and The Restless with my Grandmother. It’s one of her “soaps” that she has recorded and watched daily for the last 30 years or so; That and The Bold and The Beautiful. Man, these soap operas sure are clever with their titles, aren’t they? They tell it all. Anyway, apparently it has gotten super dramatic lately and she filled me in on all of the characters. I love how she describes them as “stinkers” or “rascals” and how she really likes them anyway. They’re truly just misunderstood, you know. 7 hours later, we decided that chocolate candy-covered apples sounded pretty devine and that we would call it a night and hit up the orchard on Sunday. And that we did!




Fijis, and Granny Smiths, and Golden Delicious, OH MY. We prefer the Golden Delicious and mentioned several times how we can’t understand why everybody doesn’t feel that way. I mean, as my grandmother says, “you can make pies and cobblers and anything with them!” Get on board with the in crowd and love yourself some Golden Delicious; You may just get a Apple Crunch Cake out of it.

As if all of the apples we ate while walking the orchard weren’t enough, we just had to stop for frozen custard. It’s one of my go-to’s when I’m feeling like I need a treat. Chocolate malts for the win! Gram likes the chocolate cones, don’t cha know.20131020-194016.jpg


After our cravings were satisfied, I sat the lady down for some one-on-one with The Walking Dead. Let me just tell you, she’s not into it. She kept saying ‘How can you watch this stuff?’ and ‘Whaaaaat!?’ Come on, Gram. People love zombies! I think I’ll be watching this one alone from now on, but can you believe someone’s burning people?? Ugh. Betrayed by your own kind. Such sweet sorrow. You get attached to the few characters you have left and then this nonsense. Who could it be?? And, in breaking news, the ladies at work have decided that Darryl isn’t too dirty to marry. Well, isn’t that a nice way to put it?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, let me tell you how conflicted I am about this World Series business. WS2013 between the Cardinals and the Red Sox? Say it ain’t so! I’ve enjoyed both teams throughout the years, and now I don’t know who I will be rooting for. Of course, it’s not really that difficult – I live in StL now sooooo the Cardinals are the clear winners here. That and I think they’re gonna take it. Don’t let me down, boys. Who am I kidding? I’ve never been let down by a baseball boy ;) But while the Sox are playing ‘Sweet Caroline’ at Fenway, I’ll be jamming the LIVE version of Friends in Low Places; you know… the hidden verse.

When the big news stories in the morning are ‘Cardinals land in Boston’ and ‘Elephants in the zoo are too fat’, you know you live in a wonderfully interesting city. Love you, StL. Bring it home, boys!



Happy happy 7th Birthday to my little punkin, Laken! She’s been all over the map with me, and it’s safe to say she’s the best little road trip buddy around. Love you, Buggas.



I finally got paid this week – Holy moly! It’s been so long since I’ve seen that comma on my bank statement! I will definitely be trying to save MORE out of each check from now on. Three weeks without anything coming in is a long time, and I just can’t deplete my funds like that again.

Wednesday – To save a bit of money (and since I’m never home anyway), I decided to sublet my loft downtown and live with my grandma for a few months. I met with a really funny guy for burgers and beer at Blackfinn to see if he would be a good fit for the place aka pay rent and don’t trash it. He was the first random guy-off-the-street that I’ve shared a meal with, and it was really delightful! I have learned that maybe I need to invite more people off the street for lunch. What do you think – good idea? Later that evening, I met up with my cousin to make #starbucksdrakehands videos and eat ring pops. Ya know, the usual. They turned out… interesting and won’t be shown here. If you’re really curious, I posted a clip of Megan on my instagram.


This week, I had lunch with some girls from work. Not to sound anti-social, but I use my lunch break to get things done. I grab a quick bite somewhere and go exploring – it’s allowed – I’m still new here. Early Friday morning, a few of the ladies were really excited to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and invited me along. How can I say no to these people when it’s 9am and they’re ready to grub? Girls after my own heart. There was an eclectic group of us hanging out in office attire surrounded by drunk hairy dudes in Cardinals gear. We had the fun, young mom with 4 kids from North Dakota, the woman from upstate New York who talked about her bipolar babydaddy/stalker (not judging – I had a stalker once), the St. Louis native who married her high school sweetheart (so nice – love her, btw), and the single girl from Texas who is unfamiliar with everything they were talking about. It was one of those much needed, fresh air, beautiful weather kind of days where you eat lunch outside and don’t want to go back to work. I look forward to paydays anyway, but now you can include ‘girls lunch’ in my top 2 reasons why.

This weekend was the 10th wedding anniversary for my aunt and uncle, so my grandma and I were on babysitting duty. The big trend for kids over here are the rubber band bracelets made with the Rainbow Loom. If you need help with a fishtail (my fave!) or a starburst pattern, I’m your girl. Profesh over here. I swear, we probably used 1000 rubber bands and I can’t even count how many hours were wasted spent on this damn “jewelry.” With a lot of convincing and bargaining for slushies, I talked them into taking a break from crocheting-with-rubber and taught them how to play golf. (The card game, not the sport.) I am pleasantly surprised that they loved it! They picked it up so quickly and didn’t want to stop playing. I think I get along with kids so well because I never grew up. Who doesn’t want to spend their days playing board games and tag? The best! So whenever my little cousins want to play cards, I’m down. No more go fish though, gimme some of that UNO action or maybe I’ll teach you some of the things I learned over the years. You’ve got a little longer before you learn King’s Cup, but golf is pretty fun. VC is next.


Littlest cousin, Jamison, is the king of all things athletic. He can pick up a sport really quickly and excel. I’m super impressed because I was never athletic (unless you count swimming), so it always amazes me to watch him. This Sunday, he had his very first lacrosse practice. We get to the park, and pull up to the fields where we see a team of jr high varsity boys decked out in purple and white uniforms and my tiny second grade cousin who runs out there with them like the new mascot. He joined their drills and looked like a little duck running after the bigger kids like “hey wait up!” So cute. And get this – they were so impressed with him that they invited him to join the practices from now on so he can be familiar with the team and start playing when he reaches 4th grade. He made the jr high team as a 7 year old!

I’m going to end this by saying: This week felt like an exceptionally great one. The family time was quality and the play time was extra fun, but today at work, I felt out of place. I was acting awkward and shy, and on the phone calls to the lenders, I was stumbling over my words getting worked up. I have no idea where this came from and the fact that the behavior was happening made me even more self-conscious and nervous. What’s up with that? Serious question: Is there a plural for ‘text’ cuz I figure it’s just kind of like ‘moose’ or ‘sheep’ and you don’t have to add a tense to it. Although, I DO say that I send ‘textssss’ so… maybe I’ll look into it a little further. Anyway, I text (maybe it’s texted?) my mom this morning and told her I was feeling kinda blue, and she said: “Have confidence – you are darling!” and ended the conversation with ‘Sorry, you got it. Honestly.’ I guess what I’m trying to say is, everyone has a time when they feel uncomfortable in their own skin, and everyone has bad days where they just feel a bit off. Today was my day. I’m so thankful that I have a mother who is always there to remind me that not every day can be a perfect one and that tomorrow is a fresh start.

I found this surprise on a little treat from a trip to New Orleans and it always reminds me to have compassion – everyone has their moments.


P.S. All of the boys in my office are frantically refreshing their computer screens and streaming the Cardinals vs. Dodgers game, and man this is some funny stuff!

Let’s go Redbirds!

Cheers to the new, Week 5.


Week 3 came & went – my oh my! Well, my grandpa’s brother, Tom, has been visiting the last few weeks and he went back to Oregon on Wednesday. We miss him already! My grandpa died about a year and a half ago, and Uncle Tom comes to visit several times a year to keep the yard and all of the mechanical things around the house taken care if. To show her appreciation, my grandmother cooks him treats… Everyday. Tuesday night, she baked up a homemade apple pie, so Wednesday, I got to be the talk of the office making everyone jealous. Thanks, Gram!


I have a little inside joke (with myself) that Wednesday is for treats. I kept my word (to myself) and made sure to swing by the frozen custard stand for a chocolate malt for the drive home. My belly was happy but my thighs were not. Yolo, right? (Hashtag I-can’t-believe-I-just-said-that, hashtag doh!, hashtag spellcheck-changed-that-to-‘tool’) Anyone who knows anything about me, knows I drink my calories. I really enjoy food, but I find that I mostly eat vegetables, so there isn’t much harm there. I just think they taste good – really! The reason I’m not completely emaciated is because I love sugar. I drink anything juice (except grape yuck!), flavored coffees, shakes, slushies, what have you. It makes me feel cool to carry around a delish beverage all day long – does this sound silly?


I’ve been visiting St Louis all of my life, so I have several of my most favorite places picked out for my go-to’s in case of a moment of indecision. Best place to take a drive when you just gotta get out of the house? The Great River Road (route 100) from Alton to Grafton. Or the best place to sit and relax when it’s cold outside and you need a cup of coffee? Blondie’s on Washington. Get the raspberry white mocha in a to go cup. Always get a to go cup – you never know when an urge to picnic in the park will hit ya. But the best place to eat when you’re feeling a little Italian and just want a sandwich? Gioia’s on The Hill. Italian Trio with pepper cheese and a side of Billy Goat chips – yum! … this may as well be a food blog… I’m a sandwich afficionado; the sandwich queen, if you will. I could pretty much write a Taylor Swift song called ‘Ode to the Sandwich’ and it would be both informative and catchy. I smell a top 100 hit here… Anyway, on Thursday, I got a sandwich.



Friday is Black Friday around these parts. I wear all black and tend to have really great days. THIS Friday, however, I decided to wear sparkly gold oxfords and all hell broke loose!!! Okay, I’m exaggerating, but I diiiid burn my fingers with a curling iron and lose my badge to get into my office. Like an electronic badge to open the three doors I pass through to get to work aaand my desk key that was looped with it. So…

This weekend, I realized just how much I love:

Uno – and all card games in general – especially when played with 7&9 year olds.
Garage sales – cheap dishes and cute jackets for winter. Score!
My bff, Hunter. He called me this weekend, all the way from the Phillippines, where he’s been living for 8 years. Can’t wait until he gets back home! P.S., he’d be really embarassed to know I posted this picture from 13 years ago so shh!


He’s the ‘leaning-against-a-tree’ kind of cool.

Monday night, the Cardinals beat the Pirates 2-1 so that means Tuesday was 50 cent slushie day! (YAY) That also means there’s still a chance for STL to take the NLDS and go on to the Championships. C’mon Redbirds! Remember how fun it is to go to the series? Let’s do this, boys. Bring it home again.

I raided my grandma’s closet this week and found a super fun floral jacket to wear to work… which I think really helped with my boss because she loved it and it distracted her from my tardiness that day eek! An exciting thing about this week is that I’m getting interested in high heels, finally! I’m 5’9 so I’ve always been sort of self-conscious about being taller than all of the boys growing up and I never wanted to make the situation even more obvious. And I’ve always shied away from being the center of attention, so being a giant/sore thumb wasn’t something I was interested in. I can’t deny that heels make your legs look long and lean (and actually tone those bad boys, too), so I’m all for it! I used to swim competitively, so my legs have always been really powerful, but add some standing-on-your-tippy-toes-all-day balance and stabilization and I’ll be able to rule nations. Look out world!


I don’t know if you know this, but JC Penney Outlets are closing and it’s really devistating. My grandma just about doesn’t know what to do with herself. I will agree, “Penney’s Outlet” as she calls it, is a great place to find deals on kitchen items and bath towels (They tend to have a huge selection of stuff like this) and I found a tan cape there once that I thought was really cute at the time… but now I’m not so sure. Last night, I met up with Gram for a girls shopping trip and dinner date. The lady loves to find a good bargain and I think she really enjoys digging through rack after rack of miscellaneous… things… I am NOT a digger. I am an organized person and I want all of the different clothes laid out like my closet – by color and season, of course. When I walk into this place, I just want to purell. For date night, we went to Rizzo’s; a really tasty Italian place in the middle of the ghetto. I really believe hidden gems are found in dangerous areas. Seriously. You’ve gotta love the types of places that have been around for 90 years and stayed in the family using great grandmother’s recipes. My Cavatelli Con Broccoli was delish and my grandma is still raving about that salad. That must have been one great salad!

Update on my fake Whole Foods boyfriend, Ted:

Ummm we talked for a whole 4 minutes this week. Nobody was behind me in line, so the conversation got a little deeper. We moved on to what my job title is and how much we loved our jobs. I thought he was about to propose, but, alas, no such luck. Someone else joined me in line and I went back to work fiance-less. darn!

Be good to me, week 4!


Wednesday – half day at work! A couple of weeks ago marked the end of the fiscal year for our company, and the bosses decided to give our team a party in the park. I didn’t go, but I heard there was a super fun magic show, preformed by our unit services Financial Manager, after the kickball game. So sad I missed THAT! Instead, I went home early to get ready for the Grand Opening of my cousins business, The Railshake Brewery. If you’re ever in St Louis, take a drive out to Highland and get a cold one and a burger – trust me. They’ll be releasing their own label this winter, but in the mean time, sit down and check out the ice bar and try one of their many selections of domestics (& the fried pickles!) And don’t forget to photo booth before you leave!


I have become a sugar addict lately. It doesn’t make it easy when Whole Foods is only two minutes away – gimme that chocolate! Because it’s coming from Whole Foods, it’s almost like my brain is tricked into thinking it’s healthy. ‘Yeah, I’ll take that large chocolate mousse with a side of cannoli and a cupcake.’ Though, I try to balance it out with a Suja drink. If you don’t know about Suja, get in the know! I started out wanting to cleanse and researched all of the different things out there. With my busy lifestyle and how often I’m away from home, I decided it’s not practical for me to make my own cleanse at my house. Suja was just right for me. It’s organic, raw, non GMO, vegan, and cold-pressed – and each bottle is packed with like 2.5 pounds of veggies and fruits! But I have really fallen in love with their newest line, Suja Elements. The “Green Charge” is full of nutrients and antioxidants AND it tastes like an apple/banana smoothie! YUM. It sounds like I’m writing a review for them, but I’m not trying to; I just really enjoy it.

On a girly topic, I got fitted for a bra this week. Holy cow – what a difference! It seemed like my bras weren’t fitting very well, and my clothes didn’t look how I thought they should. I was just so uncomfortable. My cousin suggested I go get a fitting with a specialist at Nordstrom. I was a full two sizes off in the band and cup size! I’m telling you, it will change your life. If you haven’t done it yet, head down to Nordstrom (or wherever you have near you) and get fitted; it’s free and only takes about 4 minutes. And don’t be shy – the girls see this all day long, bras are like swimsuits, and you can turn and face the back wall if you want to. They don’t actually see anything – no judgements passed.

Saturday was spent with my Flynn’s, Connor and Jamison, who are very entertaining boys! The Cardinals won their game against the Cubs Friday night (division champs, btw) and that means 50cent slushies at Mobil gas stations! Yay. Take two boys under 10 and give them 32 oz of sugar, and you are in for a very fun day! Jamison had his last baseball game that night, so I was highly entertained – he’s awesome! He got on base every at bat, and didn’t slow down after taking a ball to the mouth. He got a double-play on the next hit – what a champ! A day with baseball (or football or hockey) is a great day.



Sunday was a depressing day, because it marked the end of an era – Italian night. A few years ago, I got hooked on Bravo and fell in love with The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresaaaa. This season, my mom was just as hooked as I was, and we decided to join the party – every Sunday night, we became Italian. We cooked up something from the motherland, opened a bottle (or two) of vino, kicked the boys out of the living room, and had a viewing party of the Jersey girls – and Chris Laurita. We love our Chris Laurita. Sunday was the season finale (gasp!) dun dun dun… Whatever will I do with myself now? I guess Sundays will be a sad state of affairs where I order takeout and don’t get out if my pj’s. Wait – that sounds kinda nice.

This week, I finally got access to the computer and got a phone on my desk. Don’t ask what I’ve been doing at work for the last week and a half without it…

Last night on my drive home, my bff cousin, Megan, told me about her amazing job opportunity in Los Angeles. She’s always been really into makeup and fashion and all things fabulous, and in 2012, she finally established her business, MDMA (Megan Dugan Makeup Artistry). She’s the best (and she’s hott, too)! You can find her at Nordstrom – The Grove in Hollywood starting November 1 as THE beauty stylist. You can also book sessions with her for weddings, photo shoots, and even one-on-one consultations. Check her out on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, and visit her website for more information.

meganduganmakeupartist.com & beautystyled.com

She’s doing her thing and I’m excited for her, but I’ll be sad to see her go :( I just got up here, dang it! I’m certainly gonna miss her.




Week two as a St. Louisan has been a fun one. Bring it on, week 3!