I’ve officially been a Midwest girl for 9 weeks now, and I am happy to report that I am loving it. St. Louis is so very different from the Houston life I’ve always known. St. Louis is green. And friendly. And authentic. I lived here for a semester in college, back in 2006, and the whole experience seemed so different then. I was young and in school and it seemed like I was so far removed from everything. I was in a place in my life that seemed like another world. I didn’t make a real friend. I wasn’t happy.


In September of this year, I knew I wanted to move back to St. Louis, and while I was still in Texas, I contacted a temp agency to find me a job in the area. It wasn’t two weeks before I started working for a large corporation in Clayton. I was going to a job I liked, with wonderful people and a company that took care of it’s employees.

The city has since become my home, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Last Thursday, I went for a work happy hour at a local bar with some peeps from the office. It was nice to see the more relaxed, funny side of everybody, but I was only there for one drink before that boy and I had to leave for a hockey game eeeee! Blues vs. Avalanche. Great game! Blues won 7-3 and there were soooo many fights – I even picked up a Petrangelo shirt for the next game… Even though he talked me into that one. I wanted Halak cuz duh. Bring it on, hockey.

This weekend, I realized I don’t have any fun friends. It wasn’t a sad moment; more like frustration that I couldn’t find ONE person to go zip lining with me. You know it’s a tough life when you can’t go zipline your face off on a Saturday. Mayyyybeeeee someday. If you know anyone in the St. Louis area, that’s not creepy or serial killerish, lemme know. I also need a good frisbee golf and karaoke buddy. Must know “Jackson” by Johnny Cash And June Carter.

I never know how to end these things, so:

K, over and out .

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