Thursday was jeans day at work and oh. my. gosh. I don’t think you could find a more excited group of people in this whole world! I wanted to take a picture, but one member of my group wasn’t feeling cooperative, so alas, no evidence of this pure joy across our angel faces. I kept the momentum going throughout the day by treating myself to a chocolate malt. Yesss. Nothing satisfies me more than cold, malty, chocolaty blended treat in a cup. I finish the darn thing in about 8 minutes and then I’m sad, but for those 8 minutes, it’s heaven on earth.


Also, a cute boy at work might have a little crush on me. After 5pm one day, most of the people had left the office and my coworker snuck up to my desk ever-so-sneakily (as messengers must to do evade the spies who may be listening and reporting back to the source), and in that side-glance kind of under-her-breath way, asked me if I had a boyfriend. No. No I do not. The last one was a shit, so I cut him loose and went along in the very single and very interested-in-finding-myself way and all that blah blah stuff people say to give excuses as to why they’re unattached. No, I’m not ashamed of it; I just don’t want to get into it. I haven’t been single for more than, oh I dunno, a month or so, since I was 17! Back in the day, one of my high school best friends called me ‘Miss Independent’ after the Kelly Clarkson song came out; I think it was because I could rock that song like no other, but it also probably fit me more than I realized. I just wasn’t interested in dating. I had enough guy friends around to make any man jealous and overbearing, and was busy having fun and being goofy. Single life is goooood. You don’t worry about what people think and if you’re acting too uptight, or too silly, or too serious. I get in my head too much and I don’t miss that at all. During this time with myself, I’ve learned it’s okay. It’s okay to just be whatever and whoever you are and who cares who you think you are? Now, I just have to remember that when the next guy comes along and gets me all confused again. I know we mustn’t let the boys upset us, but they do. And they do it so well. Anyway, back to this boy. He’s a very snazzy dresser. That’s all I know. I’ll keep ya posted.

Friday was ‘trunk or treat’ at my Flynn’s elementary. The boys dressed as some pretty scary science-experiment-gone-wrong zombies with blood and scars and weird lab coats. They looked great. We spent 15 minutes at home perfecting the zombie walk, and then it was ON! After being left in an isle alone at a grocery store a few years ago, my littlest Flynn has developed some abandonment issues, so I had to hold his little zombie hand the whole night. Talk about creeped out! When you’re holding hands with a growling, bloody beast, your first instinct is to run. It’s okay guys; I managed to power through like a champ!


This weekend was one of those ultimate proud moments where you reminisce about your childhood and it makes you really happy and really nostalgic. My oldest Flynn had his first swim meet! I got to see him do three different strokes and give him some pointers, which made me feel like a big shot, but also just made me feel good to see his little brain working away to process what I’m saying. He’s kind of awesome and I kind of think he’s a super cool boy.

Sunday was my final farewell to my cousin, Megan, who left for Los Angeles this week. Even though it was a celebration, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy about it. It was good to see all of my extended family in one place again, and see how much all of my little cousins have turned into adults. That’s a weird feeling! I managed to capture ONE non-crying moment of the day and spent the rest of the time eating everything in sight and drinking not one, but TWO vodka beverages. I don’t know what was going on, but that vodka tonic tasted delish and the bloody mary was the best I’ve had (other than the ones I make). Good day. Great people.


Tuuuuuuuuuesday. Tuesday officially marked the first weekly Whole Foods Ladies Luncheon, where a few of us head out on a mission to eat salads and gossip. Maybe not gossip; more like girl talk. Nonetheless, it was a good time. They met ‘Whole Foods Ted’ and we have all decided that it’s not meant to be. Darn! He’s not the one for me. Even so, I am thankful to have found some people that I can be ridiculous around and we plan on living it up at least once a week. Hooray!

P.S. After feeling a bit sicky, I drank quite a few Suja Elements Monday and Tuesday and have been cured. That stuff is magical. Flavor-wise, I recommend the Blutrients or the Green Charge, but the Berryoxidant has the best cause. Each flavor has a different movement behind it, which Suja has decided to donate to with some of the profits. I’m all for GMO labeling. So do it. Get you some!

Still can’t believe it’s already week 6! I’m going out to grab my brass ring. (Please get that reference so I don’t sound like a crazy person.) Peace – the gangsta way; not the hippie one. :]


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