I finally got paid this week – Holy moly! It’s been so long since I’ve seen that comma on my bank statement! I will definitely be trying to save MORE out of each check from now on. Three weeks without anything coming in is a long time, and I just can’t deplete my funds like that again.

Wednesday – To save a bit of money (and since I’m never home anyway), I decided to sublet my loft downtown and live with my grandma for a few months. I met with a really funny guy for burgers and beer at Blackfinn to see if he would be a good fit for the place aka pay rent and don’t trash it. He was the first random guy-off-the-street that I’ve shared a meal with, and it was really delightful! I have learned that maybe I need to invite more people off the street for lunch. What do you think – good idea? Later that evening, I met up with my cousin to make #starbucksdrakehands videos and eat ring pops. Ya know, the usual. They turned out… interesting and won’t be shown here. If you’re really curious, I posted a clip of Megan on my instagram.


This week, I had lunch with some girls from work. Not to sound anti-social, but I use my lunch break to get things done. I grab a quick bite somewhere and go exploring – it’s allowed – I’m still new here. Early Friday morning, a few of the ladies were really excited to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and invited me along. How can I say no to these people when it’s 9am and they’re ready to grub? Girls after my own heart. There was an eclectic group of us hanging out in office attire surrounded by drunk hairy dudes in Cardinals gear. We had the fun, young mom with 4 kids from North Dakota, the woman from upstate New York who talked about her bipolar babydaddy/stalker (not judging – I had a stalker once), the St. Louis native who married her high school sweetheart (so nice – love her, btw), and the single girl from Texas who is unfamiliar with everything they were talking about. It was one of those much needed, fresh air, beautiful weather kind of days where you eat lunch outside and don’t want to go back to work. I look forward to paydays anyway, but now you can include ‘girls lunch’ in my top 2 reasons why.

This weekend was the 10th wedding anniversary for my aunt and uncle, so my grandma and I were on babysitting duty. The big trend for kids over here are the rubber band bracelets made with the Rainbow Loom. If you need help with a fishtail (my fave!) or a starburst pattern, I’m your girl. Profesh over here. I swear, we probably used 1000 rubber bands and I can’t even count how many hours were wasted spent on this damn “jewelry.” With a lot of convincing and bargaining for slushies, I talked them into taking a break from crocheting-with-rubber and taught them how to play golf. (The card game, not the sport.) I am pleasantly surprised that they loved it! They picked it up so quickly and didn’t want to stop playing. I think I get along with kids so well because I never grew up. Who doesn’t want to spend their days playing board games and tag? The best! So whenever my little cousins want to play cards, I’m down. No more go fish though, gimme some of that UNO action or maybe I’ll teach you some of the things I learned over the years. You’ve got a little longer before you learn King’s Cup, but golf is pretty fun. VC is next.


Littlest cousin, Jamison, is the king of all things athletic. He can pick up a sport really quickly and excel. I’m super impressed because I was never athletic (unless you count swimming), so it always amazes me to watch him. This Sunday, he had his very first lacrosse practice. We get to the park, and pull up to the fields where we see a team of jr high varsity boys decked out in purple and white uniforms and my tiny second grade cousin who runs out there with them like the new mascot. He joined their drills and looked like a little duck running after the bigger kids like “hey wait up!” So cute. And get this – they were so impressed with him that they invited him to join the practices from now on so he can be familiar with the team and start playing when he reaches 4th grade. He made the jr high team as a 7 year old!

I’m going to end this by saying: This week felt like an exceptionally great one. The family time was quality and the play time was extra fun, but today at work, I felt out of place. I was acting awkward and shy, and on the phone calls to the lenders, I was stumbling over my words getting worked up. I have no idea where this came from and the fact that the behavior was happening made me even more self-conscious and nervous. What’s up with that? Serious question: Is there a plural for ‘text’ cuz I figure it’s just kind of like ‘moose’ or ‘sheep’ and you don’t have to add a tense to it. Although, I DO say that I send ‘textssss’ so… maybe I’ll look into it a little further. Anyway, I text (maybe it’s texted?) my mom this morning and told her I was feeling kinda blue, and she said: “Have confidence – you are darling!” and ended the conversation with ‘Sorry, you got it. Honestly.’ I guess what I’m trying to say is, everyone has a time when they feel uncomfortable in their own skin, and everyone has bad days where they just feel a bit off. Today was my day. I’m so thankful that I have a mother who is always there to remind me that not every day can be a perfect one and that tomorrow is a fresh start.

I found this surprise on a little treat from a trip to New Orleans and it always reminds me to have compassion – everyone has their moments.


P.S. All of the boys in my office are frantically refreshing their computer screens and streaming the Cardinals vs. Dodgers game, and man this is some funny stuff!

Let’s go Redbirds!

Cheers to the new, Week 5.

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