Week 3 came & went – my oh my! Well, my grandpa’s brother, Tom, has been visiting the last few weeks and he went back to Oregon on Wednesday. We miss him already! My grandpa died about a year and a half ago, and Uncle Tom comes to visit several times a year to keep the yard and all of the mechanical things around the house taken care if. To show her appreciation, my grandmother cooks him treats… Everyday. Tuesday night, she baked up a homemade apple pie, so Wednesday, I got to be the talk of the office making everyone jealous. Thanks, Gram!


I have a little inside joke (with myself) that Wednesday is for treats. I kept my word (to myself) and made sure to swing by the frozen custard stand for a chocolate malt for the drive home. My belly was happy but my thighs were not. Yolo, right? (Hashtag I-can’t-believe-I-just-said-that, hashtag doh!, hashtag spellcheck-changed-that-to-‘tool’) Anyone who knows anything about me, knows I drink my calories. I really enjoy food, but I find that I mostly eat vegetables, so there isn’t much harm there. I just think they taste good – really! The reason I’m not completely emaciated is because I love sugar. I drink anything juice (except grape yuck!), flavored coffees, shakes, slushies, what have you. It makes me feel cool to carry around a delish beverage all day long – does this sound silly?


I’ve been visiting St Louis all of my life, so I have several of my most favorite places picked out for my go-to’s in case of a moment of indecision. Best place to take a drive when you just gotta get out of the house? The Great River Road (route 100) from Alton to Grafton. Or the best place to sit and relax when it’s cold outside and you need a cup of coffee? Blondie’s on Washington. Get the raspberry white mocha in a to go cup. Always get a to go cup – you never know when an urge to picnic in the park will hit ya. But the best place to eat when you’re feeling a little Italian and just want a sandwich? Gioia’s on The Hill. Italian Trio with pepper cheese and a side of Billy Goat chips – yum! … this may as well be a food blog… I’m a sandwich afficionado; the sandwich queen, if you will. I could pretty much write a Taylor Swift song called ‘Ode to the Sandwich’ and it would be both informative and catchy. I smell a top 100 hit here… Anyway, on Thursday, I got a sandwich.



Friday is Black Friday around these parts. I wear all black and tend to have really great days. THIS Friday, however, I decided to wear sparkly gold oxfords and all hell broke loose!!! Okay, I’m exaggerating, but I diiiid burn my fingers with a curling iron and lose my badge to get into my office. Like an electronic badge to open the three doors I pass through to get to work aaand my desk key that was looped with it. So…

This weekend, I realized just how much I love:

Uno – and all card games in general – especially when played with 7&9 year olds.
Garage sales – cheap dishes and cute jackets for winter. Score!
My bff, Hunter. He called me this weekend, all the way from the Phillippines, where he’s been living for 8 years. Can’t wait until he gets back home! P.S., he’d be really embarassed to know I posted this picture from 13 years ago so shh!


He’s the ‘leaning-against-a-tree’ kind of cool.

Monday night, the Cardinals beat the Pirates 2-1 so that means Tuesday was 50 cent slushie day! (YAY) That also means there’s still a chance for STL to take the NLDS and go on to the Championships. C’mon Redbirds! Remember how fun it is to go to the series? Let’s do this, boys. Bring it home again.

I raided my grandma’s closet this week and found a super fun floral jacket to wear to work… which I think really helped with my boss because she loved it and it distracted her from my tardiness that day eek! An exciting thing about this week is that I’m getting interested in high heels, finally! I’m 5’9 so I’ve always been sort of self-conscious about being taller than all of the boys growing up and I never wanted to make the situation even more obvious. And I’ve always shied away from being the center of attention, so being a giant/sore thumb wasn’t something I was interested in. I can’t deny that heels make your legs look long and lean (and actually tone those bad boys, too), so I’m all for it! I used to swim competitively, so my legs have always been really powerful, but add some standing-on-your-tippy-toes-all-day balance and stabilization and I’ll be able to rule nations. Look out world!


I don’t know if you know this, but JC Penney Outlets are closing and it’s really devistating. My grandma just about doesn’t know what to do with herself. I will agree, “Penney’s Outlet” as she calls it, is a great place to find deals on kitchen items and bath towels (They tend to have a huge selection of stuff like this) and I found a tan cape there once that I thought was really cute at the time… but now I’m not so sure. Last night, I met up with Gram for a girls shopping trip and dinner date. The lady loves to find a good bargain and I think she really enjoys digging through rack after rack of miscellaneous… things… I am NOT a digger. I am an organized person and I want all of the different clothes laid out like my closet – by color and season, of course. When I walk into this place, I just want to purell. For date night, we went to Rizzo’s; a really tasty Italian place in the middle of the ghetto. I really believe hidden gems are found in dangerous areas. Seriously. You’ve gotta love the types of places that have been around for 90 years and stayed in the family using great grandmother’s recipes. My Cavatelli Con Broccoli was delish and my grandma is still raving about that salad. That must have been one great salad!

Update on my fake Whole Foods boyfriend, Ted:

Ummm we talked for a whole 4 minutes this week. Nobody was behind me in line, so the conversation got a little deeper. We moved on to what my job title is and how much we loved our jobs. I thought he was about to propose, but, alas, no such luck. Someone else joined me in line and I went back to work fiance-less. darn!

Be good to me, week 4!

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