Wednesday – half day at work! A couple of weeks ago marked the end of the fiscal year for our company, and the bosses decided to give our team a party in the park. I didn’t go, but I heard there was a super fun magic show, preformed by our unit services Financial Manager, after the kickball game. So sad I missed THAT! Instead, I went home early to get ready for the Grand Opening of my cousins business, The Railshake Brewery. If you’re ever in St Louis, take a drive out to Highland and get a cold one and a burger – trust me. They’ll be releasing their own label this winter, but in the mean time, sit down and check out the ice bar and try one of their many selections of domestics (& the fried pickles!) And don’t forget to photo booth before you leave!


I have become a sugar addict lately. It doesn’t make it easy when Whole Foods is only two minutes away – gimme that chocolate! Because it’s coming from Whole Foods, it’s almost like my brain is tricked into thinking it’s healthy. ‘Yeah, I’ll take that large chocolate mousse with a side of cannoli and a cupcake.’ Though, I try to balance it out with a Suja drink. If you don’t know about Suja, get in the know! I started out wanting to cleanse and researched all of the different things out there. With my busy lifestyle and how often I’m away from home, I decided it’s not practical for me to make my own cleanse at my house. Suja was just right for me. It’s organic, raw, non GMO, vegan, and cold-pressed – and each bottle is packed with like 2.5 pounds of veggies and fruits! But I have really fallen in love with their newest line, Suja Elements. The “Green Charge” is full of nutrients and antioxidants AND it tastes like an apple/banana smoothie! YUM. It sounds like I’m writing a review for them, but I’m not trying to; I just really enjoy it.

On a girly topic, I got fitted for a bra this week. Holy cow – what a difference! It seemed like my bras weren’t fitting very well, and my clothes didn’t look how I thought they should. I was just so uncomfortable. My cousin suggested I go get a fitting with a specialist at Nordstrom. I was a full two sizes off in the band and cup size! I’m telling you, it will change your life. If you haven’t done it yet, head down to Nordstrom (or wherever you have near you) and get fitted; it’s free and only takes about 4 minutes. And don’t be shy – the girls see this all day long, bras are like swimsuits, and you can turn and face the back wall if you want to. They don’t actually see anything – no judgements passed.

Saturday was spent with my Flynn’s, Connor and Jamison, who are very entertaining boys! The Cardinals won their game against the Cubs Friday night (division champs, btw) and that means 50cent slushies at Mobil gas stations! Yay. Take two boys under 10 and give them 32 oz of sugar, and you are in for a very fun day! Jamison had his last baseball game that night, so I was highly entertained – he’s awesome! He got on base every at bat, and didn’t slow down after taking a ball to the mouth. He got a double-play on the next hit – what a champ! A day with baseball (or football or hockey) is a great day.



Sunday was a depressing day, because it marked the end of an era – Italian night. A few years ago, I got hooked on Bravo and fell in love with The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresaaaa. This season, my mom was just as hooked as I was, and we decided to join the party – every Sunday night, we became Italian. We cooked up something from the motherland, opened a bottle (or two) of vino, kicked the boys out of the living room, and had a viewing party of the Jersey girls – and Chris Laurita. We love our Chris Laurita. Sunday was the season finale (gasp!) dun dun dun… Whatever will I do with myself now? I guess Sundays will be a sad state of affairs where I order takeout and don’t get out if my pj’s. Wait – that sounds kinda nice.

This week, I finally got access to the computer and got a phone on my desk. Don’t ask what I’ve been doing at work for the last week and a half without it…

Last night on my drive home, my bff cousin, Megan, told me about her amazing job opportunity in Los Angeles. She’s always been really into makeup and fashion and all things fabulous, and in 2012, she finally established her business, MDMA (Megan Dugan Makeup Artistry). She’s the best (and she’s hott, too)! You can find her at Nordstrom – The Grove in Hollywood starting November 1 as THE beauty stylist. You can also book sessions with her for weddings, photo shoots, and even one-on-one consultations. Check her out on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, and visit her website for more information.

meganduganmakeupartist.com & beautystyled.com

She’s doing her thing and I’m excited for her, but I’ll be sad to see her go :( I just got up here, dang it! I’m certainly gonna miss her.




Week two as a St. Louisan has been a fun one. Bring it on, week 3!

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