While the blog was sleeping, I moved to St. Louis. Told you I was needing a change! I don’t know how long this impulsive streak is going to last, but I’m really enjoying it, so far. I’ve officially been a St. Louisian for one week (is that right? Googling now…) oops – it’s “St. Louisan” and in my google search, I found a list of the 101 things every St. Louisan must do and I’m making it my mission this year to complete the list – try and stop me! Cuz who doesn’t want to be a proper St. Louisan? Let’s see if the city can turn this Texas girl into a Cards fan.

St. Louis almost reminds me of a not-so-dirty, not-so-drunk, not-so-touristy version of New Orleans. It’s French influence is hard to miss and the city has done a great job of preserving the history and culture of what once was. I mean, it was named after King Louis of France; the same king that Louisiana was named after.


There has been a lot of driving, starting work at a new place & attempting not to be so socially awkward (c’monnnn friends!), lots of shopping (ugh!) for new ‘professional office attire’, and thoroughly enjoying the lack of traffic on my explorations about town – a big change from Houston!

This week consisted of a 16 hr road trip, 5 am wake up call, a warning (luckily) from a Texas State Trooper for speeding (one of my most favorite frequent things), a few sketchy gas station stops along the way, and unloading my car as soon as I got home because the next day was my first day of work.

Woke up at 5 am – left by 6 (because I didn’t know what the traffic situation would be like) – arrived an hour early to the office – lots of candy crush in the parking garage while I waited – programmed my radio stations cuz there’s only so much talk radio you can take. No access to phones or Internet yet (thanks, IT dept. for being ‘on it’) – lunch with nice coworkers (a little awkward cuz I don’t know anybody :/)


Lots of cousin time and lots of eating – Thai food, chicken wings, salads, pizza, tacos, froyo. We’re very cultured and diverse ladies (and healthy!…) documentary watching – talking about the future – you know, cousin-type-things.

Then, I hit a young, female deer with my car. I was really lucky that it was so small – and didn’t have antlers – could have been really dangerous :/ eeek. But it seemed as if it happened in slow motion and I screamed like a little girl. I never scream like a girl! Not that I scream like a man, but… even in scary movies, I tend to just freeze up and stop breathing (so the bad guys don’t hear me, duh) or I do a soft-spoken uuuhaaahAaah noise that sounds more like a ghost than a person. I didn’t really see any damage and the car was driving fine, but I pulled over just to be sure. I went a little down the road so the deer wouldn’t get up and buck me – is it still considered bucking if there are no antlers to buck with? I saw my bumper was cracked and my hood was dented, but the majority of the damage was in my headlight. It was shattered and dark and completely pushed into my car; sitting loose in my engine. Fun. I wasn’t mad for a second. even now. I’m lucky I wasn’t hurt and I have car insurance. The only thing I felt was sadness for the deer. She died on the side of the road :( But a cute cop, with bright blue eyes, came to my house around midnight to make an accident report, so that was a plus! Hell-O office Schneider. Married. Darn.

Over the weekend, I went for a bike ride (riding mountain bikes always makes me feel 11). 6 months ago, I was able to do about 10 miles up and down the hills and around those sharp turns, but now I can only do about a mile. A mile! Even Jock Jams couldn’t pump it up enough to keep my ass from hurting. Then, the little cousins came over for some exciting games of croquet. The cousins are 7&9 and very competitive little creatures. If any British chaps were watching us that afternoon, they would have seriously laughed at the dumb Americans attempting to figure out the rules to this proper game-in-a-bag my grandmother found at a garage sale.

One of my favorite things of the week was chatting up the cute cashier at Whole Foods.I know, such an exciting life I lead. He’s probably only 19 years old, but hey! I think I’d make a cute cougar. He’s also 6’8″ I know this because he wrote it on his name tag. (He also wrote “yes, I play basketball” – which makes me hope he means in college and NOT in high school. Oh goodness… But it was one of those double-take, smile, “hi”-with-your-eyes-all-lit-up kind of chats. Soul mates, I tell ya. Me&Ted. hah! I’ll keep you posted on how our relationship blossoms, as I know you’re eagerly awaiting on pins and needles. <– Who invented that statement, anyway?

Week one? Success. Now, on to the next.

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