Blogging from the car, y’all!

Yes, I’m from Texas, but I only say “y’all” in that Britney Spears way that is sarcastic and charming all at the same time.

So hey, y’all.

Today was the day the family chose to celebrate my grandmother’s 80somethingish birthday (nobody will fess up and give the grandkids the real deal D.O.B.), so I drove to my parents to all ride together. In the tiny Volvo. Why? No, really whhhhhhhhhhhhyyyy?


I’m too tall for this nonsense.

Anyway, Grammy isn’t feeling so hot today (booo) so we’re rescheduling and trying to make the most of this family day anyway. The 3 amigos (mom,dad,littlest bro), me, and biggest little bro are hitting the town today to eat lots of Mexican food and thoroughly annoy my 10 year old brother by prying him away from that ever-so-fascinating Minecraft game. I get it, Wills, I had a game boy when I was 10 and that Kirby’s Pinball was my life for a good chunk of all the car time I ever had. It was sort of da bomb.


My mom has just painted her nails, causing a unanimous groan from all the rest of us, and my dad is playing that fun game where you stop at a light and pulse the brakes, so I officially have the headache to end all headaches.

Enjoy your Saturday, peeps.


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