The sun is blazing its ugly glare through this window at work and into my eyes. It’s too much. Go away, Sun. As depressing as it may sound, I’m an overcast, dreary day, rain and thunderstorms kind of gal. My happiness is a porch swing, a cup of tea, lace linen curtains and wind. Shutters clapping against the house and a creaking weather vane rooster plays my melody. It’s calming for me. Peace.

Fall is my favorite season, winter is nice too, but now it’s summer and I must sing the sunshine blues for a little while longer. (Such tragedy to live in the “space city” right?) At least there is a chance for weekend BBQ’s and bonfires on the beach! And fireworks over the bay and snowcones.

I look down to shield my stormy grey eyes from the harsh light of day, and I see his watch. The one that I’ve been wearing since I casually thieved it from his truck while I took it to air up the tires and get him some snacks for the road. I miss the late night froyo runs. And I miss the judgmental stare that said “Really, K? Another Starbucks today?”

And really, I just miss him.

tick. tock. tick.


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