I know, I know. Forgive me – I just love this place. In all honesty, New Orleans is a complete enigma to me. Part of me doesn’t get it; part of me thinks it totally gets me. It’s a place for everyone. It’s a big city in a small area, but it’s got small town shops and big city dreams. You can be whoever you would like to be. (is it who or whom? I legitimately think this was never explained to me) This is the place to go if you want to walk around in a body suit or naked or in full Halloween costume. Whatever you want to be, be it with confidence, and remember there is always someone a little bit weirder.





Chop – eh – too – luss. You’re welcome.


Oh Central Grocery, thank you for the muffulettas. You’re the best.


That little sign right there says “Church Quiet Zone” – thank heavens this band doesn’t care about rules.


This guy was so excited for the cannons. One second I was talking with him about how beautiful the cathedral is, and then I turn around to find out I was talking to myself and he was 100 ft away.


Somebody please live here. Oh please, oh please. It’s right off of Pirate Alley with a skylight and cobblestone streets. It’s really quiet and close to everything. I’d move here in a heartbeat if I needed to be in New Orleans. This is a gem.

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