Let me tell you about this fun little game I play called “I-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about-but-it’s-through-text-so-I’m-just-gonna-assume-it’s-bad-and-therefore-hate-you-for-a-little-while.” Yeah, if you write something that could possibly maybe be taken the wrong way or sound like you’re upset/angry/frustrated with me (and you happen to be my boyfriend or best friend), just letting you know I WILL get sad about it and the anxiety kicks in. It’s a really great way to confuse everyone & makes you seem way cool. Try it!

In other news, my iPhone won’t sync with my laptop anymore… so that’s always awesome. 

I’ll just leave you with my friend making fun of me for a little bit.


He has a habit of asking me to do things and buy things for him that he could clearly do himself. Like always and forever. I’m not sure if he’s testing me to see if I would actually do it – or I dunno. Maybe I should ask him…

This was one of those texts where I really was sick of it and I wanted to tell him to buy his own dang CHARM for his necklace [I mean what guy outside of Jersey asks for jewelry?] but I decided to flip it on him and make it about me to see what he thought. I don’t know why ‘Cadillac’ was what came out, but I can dig it.

I probably should have asked for a new puppy or something cute like that… oh well.

Then he says: ‘But it’s gotta be this one’


‘Actually this one.’


‘Nope this is it!!!!!!’


‘But seriously this one.’


So then I say: ‘You’re gonna put me on a SHORTBUS??’

and he says:’ Not just any short bus. Cadillac escalade short bus. Be careful what you ask for.’

So I tell him I would still rock it and he tells me I’d scare the kids. (scare the kids?! ugh.)

(Great. I love being the scary old lady in the creepy Ms. Frizzle bus. If only it were magical! Oh wouldn’t that be fun?)


P.S. I don’t really want a caddy… but I’m pretty sure I would drive any car given to me -including these monstrosities.

<—Don’t watch this video unless you like seeing disgusting boys doing dumb things. For real. I’m warning you. OUCH.

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