Happy Birthday, America! Every day is a celebration at my house because my cousins are here all the way from St. Louis! This is like a festival for all of us -they are the cutest, funniest boys and we definitely don’t see them enough.

flynn1 IMG_3392 flynn6

My parents have an annual Independence Day Party (where I have a tradition of wearing headbands), so this year, the kids decided to spend the morning tie-dyeing t-shirts, hippie style :]

Walking through Walmart is always a glorious thing. All in one place, I can find the largest amount of goodies that I never knew I wanted, and this week, it happened to be tie dye!

My goal was to run in really quickly and get some crafty things to make a headband. I am NOT a crafty person! Sometimes I’ll sit down and paint, but I never have a plan and it always ends up as a bunch if squiggles and lines. One particular evening last week, while walking down one of the only two art isles in Walmart, my inner geek spotted a color kit and got the bright idea that maybe in another life I could have been a fashion designer and by golly I’m gonna make some tshirts!

We had no idea what we were doing, and there were a lot of googled patterns and color explosions all over the driveway, but we ended up with some very different and very cool new outfits.

035 056 057 037

flynn3 flynn2 flynn4

We completed the day with some sparklers, roman candles, and lots of freeze-tag in the moonwalk.

IMG_3330 IMG_3336 IMG_3344 IMG_3360

IMG_3350 IMG_3356 IMG_3351

IMG_3377 IMG_3362

IMG_3353 IMG_3376


237 years ago, WE became a nation. The mighty UNITED states. I am proud to call myself an American & to live in a country where we can enjoy and exercise the freedoms we are granted each day. God bless America!

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