Things I Love

Billy Goat Chips – oh heaven in a bag. love of my life. Thank you, St. Louis. Thank you.


  • Zella – live-in leggings. THE leggings that I live in.
  • Water – seriously, water. I want to drink it. I want to play in it.
  • Tubing – Basically, floating down the river on a giant inner tube. While drinking!
  • Architecture – history. Buildings. Ornate ceilings and grandiose fixtures. Picturing myself back in the 1400s.
  • Cheese. Oh, cheese. Love of my life cheese. #stopit

Texas Sunsets. There’s nothing better.


  • The smell of leather.
  • Gardens
  • Cold weather.
  • BBQ parties.

Prayer candles in church. I’m not catholic, but my oh my do I love stepping in a basilica and lighting some candles!


  • Caricatures.
  • Wingstop ranch. I could (just about) drink that stuff.
  • Thunderstorms. Overcast days.
  • Bonfires.

Things I Don’t

  • Lying
  • Maliciousness.
  • The sound of high heels clicking on the floor.
  • Other people sneezing in public (eww germs!)
  • Hungry stomach rumbles.

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