There’s something about children that makes me wish we never grew up. The adult world seems so unnecessarily complicated. Children are loving and fun. Children are thoughtful. And while they’re not always considerate of the “5 more minutes” plea when you’re just trying to sleep off the work week, they are more than happy to share their snacks and are always ready for a quick game of hide-and-seek. The world would be a much better place if adults would just laugh a little more.


My brother is 16 years younger than me, so I’ve had the privilege of actually remembering all of his ‘growing up’ moments. He’s always been kind of an old soul. He definitely has a goofy, silly side, but mostly he’s just a little senior citizen. (Actually, at 10 years old, he stands about 5’6 – but ‘little’ just the same)

This is the kid that would say “night nigh, McDonald’s” as it disappeared behind the freeway on the drive home. He gives you a ‘kiss’ and a ‘hug’ with his fingers any time you ask. And he even lets me drag him to model homes in the area so I can look at new designs. *Okay, he actually likes it. He talks about architecture nonstop.


Kiss and Hug




I just wanted to say how proud I am that he’s so nice. ‘Nice’ is a quality that I happen to respect very much.

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