I’ve lived in Houston for most of my life, and have gotten to see it transform over the years into some amazing things. Due to the rich youth culture, stable housing market, and great job market, most articles I read about the ‘best places to live’ feature Houston & Texas near the very top. I love my home but there have been some changes over the last decade that have really made Houston into a different city than the one I grew up in. One thing that I’m torn about is the graffiti. I’m definitely against the reasons behind it (not a fan of vandalism or gang turf wars), but sometimes I have to admit, it catches my attention and can be beautiful when I see a giant concreate overpass with a sweet message to brighten up my morning commute.

These are just a few of my favorites…



graf4 graf5

Just me and Chester hanging out by a wall.

graf6 graf8


The artist really used this to propose – and his girlfriend ‘checked’ yes!



I think I would actually pay someone to paint something like this (with different colors) on a canvas for me to hang on my wall.


There’s a cult group of people who run around town ‘knitting’ different statues and stop signs and parking meters. I picture grannies in super spy outfits trying to knit on the sly and think it’s kinda funny.


And finally, one of the two overpass installations that I see everyday on the way to the office.
(The other one says ‘Be Something’ and is featured in ‘The Radio Show“)

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