I moved across the city when I was 15 years old. I left behind my life to get a new home, a new school, and new friends. Walking into school the first day of 10th grade was different – I’m pretty sure I was brave, but I was doing it all alone. At the end of the day, I had to cross the campus for a dance class that I couldn’t find, and walked around aimlessly until I was sure I was going to be found by a principle or something. Then, I see another ‘not-freshman’ and just followed her to wherever she was going. Like an angel sent from heaven, she led me to the dance class we shared for the year.

That girl was my first real friend at Creek. That girl was Miss Mika – her real name is Nicole, but I don’t think I ever really called her that.


Aren’t these braces just the bees knees? And are those camo pants? ah I die.


She took me in and became my partner in every dance that year. We are kinda awesome at making up choreography to ‘Firestarter’ by The Prodigy and ‘Unbelievable’ by EMT. We also pretty much terrorized our spanish teacher with all of our inside jokes. (She ended up separating us at the semester) Our theatre teacher even made us the “twin dwarves” Fili and Gloin in our school’s (weird and edited) version of The Hobbit. She still calls me ‘Fili bootay’ from time to time.


This little gem was from our 16th birthday luau. All those leis? Good heavens.


And this one was 11 years later – Friday night at Mika’s birthday dinner. bff.


This cake is champagne flavored with raspberry filling. It was so good.


This is my favorite ever.




Miss Mika, I love you so.

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