Happy June 1st!


Today is the start of hurricane season. This day is also special to me because, like the hurricane that I am, I entered the world on this day 27 years ago.


27. Yikes. I never really had the urge to lie about my age until now. 21 was kind of a big deal – I felt like I could be considered adult enough to have an opinion of my very own that I could express in adult company (not like college adults but real adults), but young enough to still feel like I could walk around a university campus without feeling like a creeper, ya know? Every birthday after 21 felt like just another day. Of course, I celebrated with plenty of cake and usually topped it off with a nice boat ride and a BBQ, but it didn’t feel like I was getting any older. This one, however, makes me nervous. I feel different. I feel old. I guess that’s a good thing (better than the alternative).

So, I’ve decided I’m going to stop at 27 – I know some women choose to stay 29 forever, but 27 feels old enough to me.

I am now a well-oiled machine and will call myself Rocke version 2.7 – I got a system upgrade. This one seems to be quite nice, so far. I’ll take it.


The Cheesecake Factory


(Photo from my birthday celebration with just my Pops)

No offense, Cheesecake Factory, but this girl wanted some fajitas. Los Cucos, here in Houston, has the best pechuga gravy in the world. (if anyone has that recipe, please send it to me. I need it) And the green sauce is also out-of-this-world!

Anyway, my parents live pretty far away from the nearest Los Cucos, so we chose the much more convenient – Cheesecake Factory. Helloooooo Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup fudge ripple (with hot fudge on the side, thank you)





I recommend silly pictures while waiting for your table.


And fish face competitions.


And finally fried Mac n Cheese YES!

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