I usually listen to my own music on my iPhone because let’s face it, sometimes the new stuff just sucks.

This morning on my way to work, sitting through all of the glorious rush hour traffic, I found myself wanting to listen to the radio. I turned on a station that I know plays sort of classicy rock stuff from the 70s-90s and thought I’d give that a try. 10 mins into it, I realized it’s pretty much just talk radio in the mornings. ‘Morning shows’ ugh.


I can do the late night stuff like Craig Ferguson (helloooooo Clarissa Explains It All! ) but I’m not really much of a sit around and be political type of person. I do enjoy Adam Carolla though. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good debate, and I’m all for complaining about the issues, but I find myself a little too into it and I get all worked up about things I can’t change.

Maybe I should move to D.C. and become a lobbyist? I heard it’s beautiful and the history of the country is everywhere there (can I please be there now) & I’d love to stick my big nose into other people’s business – but I would use my lobbying for good – not evil. I’d be fighting for free wifi everywhere and American trade schools. Cuz let’s face it, if I wanted to grow up to become a veterinarian, why do I need to take MORE English classes? Or mandatory history? If I like history (which I DO), then I should get to research it on my own. And teach me something relevant, will ya?! I just can’t bring myself to care about all those stodgy old guys trying to talk to me about philosophy. I mean come on, Descartes – who are you anyway? (Stay in school, kids)

So, I was listening to the guy this morning and realized he was talking to me! Could it be? Real life magic right here in front of me. This is what he said:

“You. Hey you! How would you like to win first class airfare to Germany and a tour of the Bavarian countryside along with VIP tickets to see Pink Floyd and Elton John?”

So, I say out loud “Why yes I would very much like that!”

… And just like that I’m texting code words into random phone numbers hoping I’m lucky enough to win. Look out, Germans, here I come!

P.S. I love you, Houston


And 82 mpg average WHAT? :]


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